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Jun 10, 2015 11:06pm
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Working out has always been and on/off thing for me. Especially now that I'm recovering from an ACL surgery that I had 6 months ago, working out has become even harder which sucks because now I want it more than ever. I am 21 yrs old and roughly 270 lbs but I am ready for a change in my life. I dont want this so I can have a "Summer body" and I haven't put a time/weight limit on myself. I just want to do this for my good health. I have always been use to my extra weight but I'm tired of just dealing with it and I want to change it. How can I become serious about working out though if I don't feel completely comfortable with that much pressure on my leg? I need answers soon, so I can start improving myself and be where I want to be.

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Jun 11, 2015 12:48am

First off it is very good that you realize that you need change. With that being said here are some step you can take to start your weight lost journey.

  1. When eating at home, use small plates.
  2. Drink 2 glasses of water before each meal.
  3. Fill up on high-fiber foods (5 grams or more per serving).
  4. When out to eat, split a meal with a friend.
  5. Alternatively, when you order, ask your waiter box up half of your meal. Take the remainder home to eat at another time.
  6. Eat slowly - be the last one at the table to finish your meal.
  7. Include plenty of non-starchy vegetables in each meal (they are high in water and fiber).
  8. If making large portions of food at home, freeze leftovers for an easy meal later.
  9. Don't eat in front of the TV or while doing distracting activities like working or reading.
  10. Don't go into a meal starving. If you anticipate going more than 4-5 hours without food, have a snack on hand.
11 Jun
I too have the same struggle but trying hard to stay focused to burn the calories that are so determined to stay on. I need to reduce alot of flab in my lower abs. How do I do it? Also my dr. Wants my weight to be 75 kgs.iam 93 kgs now. Please help me I need to reduce before my next blood tests are due in oct.
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Jun 11, 2015 1:01am
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V answered very well on nutrition! As for working out through your recovery; start slow! I'm saying this to you as well as myself considering I'll be going through surgery soon.

Start slowly. Walk, light jogging,  elliptical! These cardio routines are lighter on impact to the joints. (Also perhaps try a good knee brace)

Beginning with at home body weight and or exercise ball workouts are a great way to get your body used to the shock, and to help get the metabolic burn going before running out and joining a gym. For certain exercises that may feel uncomfortable on the knee you can always look up how to modify them.

Listen to your body starting off. Listen and learn the difference between the holy shit I need to stop voice, and the this is pointless and it hurts let's go watch TV or Facebook voice. The latter is a sneaky little b...h that will try to ruin you.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Mommy Got Muscles
Mommy Got Muscles - With Legs Like That
The Limberator

May be good places to start. Play around, have fun.
Fall in love with the struggle.
Then fall in love with the results.

11 Jun
Love that saying at the bottom of your comment love it
12 Jun
:-) it's the secret to life. First fall in love with the iron, second with struggle, then with the results