Keep getting shin splints when I run!whhhy?! :-(

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May 26, 2013 6:01pm
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Shin splints

26 May
Do you stretch enough? Do you lift before you run? Do you drink enough water? What's your diet like? Do you wear jogging shoes and where do you run? So many factors lol
26 May
But the main thing is how you run like Joe said actually.
26 May
Yeah see I got awesome support shoes they are asics 2170 I believe and my diet is well as healthy as I can like fruits veggies Low cal and fat free, salads little red meat mostly white meat...I drink a lot of water and I also drink my canteen filled with water just before bed to be hydrated for the next day run and yes like he said I do hit my heels and then to toes when I run
26 May
And also yes I run on asphalt which I know is bad but I have no where else to run
26 May
It's def the heel to toe style that's getting you. Then . Just like any other exercise there's a right way and a wrong way.