Shin splints

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Jun 12, 2013 4:15pm
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Every time I run it hurts my shins and everyday my shins are killing me, I yell at my boyfriend every time he puts his legs over mine cause it kills. Any suggestions on what to do? I recently bought new running shoes, so ik it's not that.

12 Jun
Do you run on the balls of your toes,or does your heel hit first?
12 Jun
I had a problem with it today, try running off the pavement. I no I was landing on my heels. I think my balance was off because I usually power walk with my daughter in her chest carrier but today I went solo.
13 Jun
So on P90x, Tony Horton talks a sec about shin splints. The stretch he demonstates to prevent them is...standing, slightly raise one foot of the floor. Rotate it in a circle to the right 8 times, then left 8 times, then up and down 8 times. Then do the ither foot. i guess u could do more than 8 though. Also calf raises. Remember everything is connected to everything so make sure you warm up. Hope you feel better. You might have to chill a minute to heal, just sayin. Good luck.
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Jun 12, 2013 7:39pm
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Warm up before you run. Stretch and do a 5 min walk. If you using a treadmill then set it in a slight incline... Running shoes with help alot... I've had this problem when I started walking it eventually stopped. Just try warmups and stretches. Start at a slow pace then gradually increase pace. If the problem persists for 2 weeks or more. Consult a specialist