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Mar 23, 2014 1:53pm
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We all make mistakes.
Be it general mistakes, human error or anything.
They help us grow and learn.
I have made a fair few mistakes, but I am so much happier after experiencing my mistakes.
I know what I want and what I expect.
Make a mistake, move on, learn and grow.

Don't dwell on it :)

23 Mar
Well said girl. Thats so truee.we learn from our mistakes.
23 Mar
Thanks Maria. We learn from those mistakes be it, a wrong way of working out or a wrong boyfriend.
26 Mar
Well said as always Princess! :-)
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Mar 24, 2014 4:54pm
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Yes indeed we all make mistakes...it is the very essence of being human... imperfect is humanity ..tho we can acheive excellance still by determining in ourselves I want make that mistake again ...a man is only so flawed as to only see the mistakes of others by justification of his own... such is the henchmans justice... 

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Mar 24, 2014 8:18pm
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Well said Hannah. To be human is to error and learn. Simple as that.

24 Mar
Yea :-) but I can't say we all learn frm them.... humanity is complex...sometimes we dnt even acknowledge our mistakes... their is denial...the blame game and even self justification.... sometimes we dnt even notice them till someone else points thm out thn their is the pride you got to get past to accept that fact... but I'm glad for our mistakes like you said we learn frm them if we so choose to... and also frm the mistakes of one anther....I always like ur posts princess they make me think
25 Mar
Glad you like them. We all need a mental exercise every now and again.

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