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Apr 2, 2014 12:45pm
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What do you love most about exercise?
What makes you happy with regard to exercise? (Or anything in general)
What are your favourite exercises and why?
Why is your ideal main goal for your fitness?

(You don't have to answer all of these by the way! Feel free to add in anything else about fitness, any tips or advice you man have for your fellow Skimblers who may have the same goals as you!)
Have a wonderful day!
02 Apr
my favorite thing about a workout is that feeling at the end,the adrenaline rush that makes my entire morning happier(: my main goal is to feel good in my own skin and live an healthy life.:-)
02 Jun
my main motivation for working out is better sex , and it feels awesome to have that pain next day thinking your improving, and of course its something useful to keep yourself busy with , I have a lot of free time
05 Jun
Happy when I don t succes... cause that makes it a challenge for the next time :)
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Apr 2, 2014 3:11pm
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Fore me it's the progress I make. Nothing better Then working out to get stronger and you realise that when you started out you chould barely squat 50kg. And now you take 100kg fore 5. Nothing better Then the feeling you get when you work your way up and the weight just feels light and your like "damn i'm just going to add another 10 pounds to this" and you just break pr after pr. I love it :D

Fore that reason my favs are deadlifts, squats, military Press, rows and bench Press in that order :)

I don't have any goals, I just lift... Okay I do have a BB goal that says 90kg and 8% I'm probably there next sommer :)
02 Apr
I've worked construction my whole life, and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day was something I looked forward to. since I've figured how to customize my workouts and when, I get that feeling all day. :-)
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Apr 2, 2014 8:21pm
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I love being healthy and strong. I also like the fact that living a rather healthy lifestyle keeps me looking and feeling younger than I actually am. I'm 28 and i've been told that I haven't changed in the past 10 years, other than the 20 pounds of mass I've gained My favorite exercise is rope climbing, because it challenges me like nothing else

As far as goals go, I just wanna keep healthy and strong for as long as God sees fit to keep this body of mine alive. I wanna be the 70-year-old man in the gym still pushing up 300 lbs on the bench lol

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Apr 3, 2014 7:40am
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For me one thing
(brock lesnar)
That should answer most of the questions :)

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Apr 4, 2014 12:04pm
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I feel better when I work out and my overall attitude is better. Problem is kinda like mowing the lawn...it is hard to get started but once I do I don't want to stop

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Apr 15, 2014 10:09pm
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Happiness to challenge yourself everyday - sore today strong tommorow!

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Jun 2, 2014 6:47am
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Planks-my favourite exercise..