Is fat the new slim?

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Jun 23, 2014 9:45pm
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I've lost some weight and now consider myself to be slim but not skinny. I definitely don't want to lose any more and ideally would like to build some muscle.

However I've been getting comments from friends and people at work that I've lost way too much weight, that they're getting worried about me, that I'm not eating enough, and so on and so forth. They really do think I'm developing an eating disorder.

FWIW I'm currently 147lbs, 5'9, aged 40. According to the NHS website my weight is smack in the middle of the healthy range, as is my BMI score. So what is their problem? Why the concern?

As the world's population is becoming increasingly overweight, I believe the perception of 'normal' is changing with it. Normal is what we see every day, and every day we're all seeing more and more overweight people. Slim folks are becoming the odd ones out.

Please share your thoughts! :)

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Jun 23, 2014 9:52pm
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I agree with you somewhat but I am 6'4" 2 25 lbs with a fair amount of muscle and the chart says I am obese. Some charts say I could go all the way down to 160. In high school I was 176 and looked like a . However you feel is most important.

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Jun 24, 2014 1:09am
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TOTALLY agree with you! I'm 18 and I've lost around 20 or more kg and people and specially family think that I'm crazy if I want to lose some more. I look normal/with a little bit of overweight, I don't consider myself skinny but I think that everyone think that I have a problem because when they think about me they see me as I was before and they are not used as seeing me "skinny". Just because everyone is fat(and I know it sounds rude) doesn't mean they shouldn't let me be skinny.

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Jun 24, 2014 3:26am
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I know what you mean! I personally think that it's because people naturally associate stereotypes for the people they know and become uncomfortable with change to those preconceived notions. The same people who told me that I was a bit too chubby etc. are now the same people saying that I have OCD or am at risk for an eating disorder just because I track my meals, eat smaller portions, work out, etc. And they're also the people who have made no lifestyles changes at all and are the type to say, 'yeah, I'll start working out tomorrow...' And don't ever really get around to doing so. 

In short, fat may be the new skinny, but people might just be hatin' because they're jealous, haha.
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Jun 24, 2014 9:30pm
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Ri I think you're spot on with the change thing. One of my concerned colleagues is, amusingly, the same build as I am now. So it's definitely not jealousy. And nobody is worried about him. Interesting!

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Jun 25, 2014 3:46am
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I think Ri L is on the right track, but missed a turn. Most people don't have a natural context for healthy weight loss. They can't judge if what you're doing is really okay. 2 lbs is a lot of fat, bigger then a brick. Losing 8 lbs a month is visually much more dramatic than most people would expect. So, for you what is a healthy slow loss to them is OMG!

Add the seemingly obsessive type tracking required to monitor caloric intake and expenditure until new habits are developed, and you can see where the perception problems stem from.

Explain what you're doing, where it's coming from, and ask for encouragement. Most of the people who care will come around.