Questions about trust and boundries as well as friendship

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Apr 5, 2015 5:33am
via Android questions are these: what do you consider to be trustworthy traits in people? What clues or cues would you consider to be red flags as indicators of people not trustworthy? Once trust is broken can it be fixed? How are boundaries established? What about in professional settings? Can a person trust someone who is not a friend? What about therapists? Can one trust a therapist? What boundaries can be established once trust is broken? I believe trust to be a very personal and deep bond between me and someone else ...what do you think trust is?

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Apr 5, 2015 5:37am
via Android

One simple answer to all your questions is: The situation decides the person's personality.

You might have been good friends in good times but when bad times occur, there can be issues.

One more thing, Why do you expect someone to be trustworthy? Are you not strong enough to stand tall alone?

Make friends, be fun and loving but never expect anything for anybody in return.

05 Apr
Never said I expect anyone to be trustworthy ... In fact maybe the opposite? How come I would give of myself and never expect anything in return? If I give and never get anything back what will I have left to give on anther day? I like your advice.. you have given me some more things to consider.. thanks
05 Apr
Believe me, when you're giving out something to others, nature will make sure all resources come to you. Go on and check "The Secret" documentary. If you've seen it, then too watch it again. It will possibly turn your life upside down.
05 Apr
I'll check it out ... :) thanks
05 Apr
Please do check it out. I watch it with your questions in your mind. You'll get all the answers.
05 Apr
I sure will :) thank u again
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Apr 17, 2015 9:24pm
via iOS
I think trust is when there is no say one thing and do another thing kind of behavior. You mean what you say and honor your promise. Loyalty plays a major role with trust. 
You have the control of who you bring into your life. You set the standards. Intuition is a good judge with red flags , don't ever doubt intuition. 
17 Apr
I love that! Thanks
17 Apr
17 Apr

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