Weight loss ideas needed

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Aug 13, 2014 2:59pm
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Hey guys. My name is primrose. I have made up my mind to now lose wight i am a size 22 now and i want to loss weight before my birthday in november and not only that but i want to be able to feel comfortable and be healthy. Please can someone help me on what kind of food i need to eat and what kind of training do i need to be doing in the gym. Thanx for your help guys xxx

13 Aug
Cut the fast food, sodas,salts and grease out of your diet. Eat more veggies and , make smoothies for lunch/dinner drinks.
13 Aug
Thanx love . I better go healthy food shopping now
17 Aug
Start slow...cardio 3 tines a week...BUT you need to talk to your Dr. So he can check your heart condition and your blood presure before you start doing anything. GOOD LUCK!