know how many calories

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Jan 16, 2015 6:49pm


I can't find the callories i've burned, lets say for a week or for the workouts i've done in past time.

Is there sompe place that can tell me that?

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Jan 16, 2015 8:53pm

In the right hand column of the dashboard page on the website. I cannot find the information on the app.

21 Jan
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Jan 17, 2015 5:42am
via Android

On phone you can click on the Home button. Has an S on it. 3 hash marks appear to the left. Click on them. Then click on Profile. CLICK at top on History. Your saved workouts and calories burn appear.

19 Jan
Thank you, Sharon! This actually worked: in History where my workouts are saved if I click on one of them it shows some details along with the calories I've burned doing the workout :) I still can't figure out how to log them into MyFitnessPal though... I'm adding them as cardio excersise even though it's usually weight training.
21 Jan
really helpfull, thanks!
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Jan 21, 2015 5:25pm
Mihaela, Mfp and this app don't link up the way fitbit, sworkit, and other apps do. So you're entering your exercise into MFP JUST RIGHT!÷)