Tracked activities don't count as workouts?

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May 14, 2014 2:13pm

Looks like any tracked activity (hiking, kayaking running) etc doesn't count as an exercise day in Workout trainer... Am I correct? Also it appears that Skimble tracked activities doesn't show up in my feed for other to comment on. Is this just a setting I haven't clicked or are Skimble and Workout trainer not really communicating all GPS tracked activities.

17 May
I don't think the the two apps are connected for workouts. They appear to be only connected through profiles . However it could be a setting adjustment. I haven't seen otherwise . I use sports tracker almost daily and my workout level is 1 on trainer. Hopefully they can adjust the discrepancy. Keep up the good work:-)
07 Jul
They are not linked. Pretty lame
16 Sep
Hi all, yes, they are only linked via the website just as a means to track your activity across both apps, but they aren't linked in terms of points and status within each app. We'll see what we can do to create a more cohesive system, so thanks for the suggestion!