Flabby arms

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Jun 23, 2013 7:36pm
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I have huge flabby arms :( they r flabby... I feel so bad on seeing them...
Plzz help me on which workout will help me lose the fat on my arms..as there r few exercises which i heard that might increase the arms to muscles... I dont want muscles i just wanna lose my flabby arms and make them look thin..plzz help..:(
23 Jun
Well just start with dieting. Working out is only half of the work
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Jun 23, 2013 10:01pm
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Its going to have to be a combination of diet and exercise.

You can't chose where to lose the weight... But if thats one of the main areas the fat is gathering then when you slim down that area will thin out as well. So the first thing I'd say is clean up your diet- clean eating, lots of water consumption. And next exercise...I know you are saying you don't want muscles (I'm not sure why not) but as you slim down you are going to want your skin to tighten/tone with you. That's where the exercise comes into play. Muscles don't happen overnight but just some full body exercises will work all of you and tighten/tone everything as you lose weight, including your arms.

24 Jun
Thnks alot... :)
24 Jun
No problem
26 Jun
I have VERY flabby arms too. Lost about 120 pounds, so they were hanging around the floor, or so (haha). Did the, absolutely arms, exercise for a month, and now... I can "move" them, i NEVER COULD before, they are tighter, and thinner, and i Keep going, wanna see how far i can go :) i Looove it, and i LOVE my new arms, and body. Good luck :)