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Jun 27, 2013 9:10am
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I really wanna get fit quick, whilst losing a bit if weight! I'm a dancer and so being fit and in shape is important! Since I've put on a little bit if weight my flexibility has become terrible! So I'm in the hope of getting that beautifuly toned flat stomach everyone is after along with the toned thighs! I know it's going to be hard and involve eating healthy and training hard, long hours of workouts each week! If anyone has any suggestions on what workouts to do, or even tips or any thing drop it in a comment of reply! I'm taking all your guys suggestions!
27 Jun
OMG me too. I'm a dancer too and seeing those people with beautiful flat stomach just made me really jealous. I guess doing crunches does help in getting muscular flat stomach. As for thighs I'm still hoping that one day I can miraculously find a solution for that. Just keep up with your routine workout and I'm sure all these will follow:) cheers!
27 Jun
Ahhhhh ohmygoodness! Reply to my DM honestly you sound like my type of workout buddy! Haha ahhhhh I don't want a thigh gap just nice thighs! Haha if you know what I mean!
27 Jun
Me too!!! You seem like someone I can really click with:)
27 Jun
Btw, I only received your first message did you send other?
27 Jun
Ahhhh! Hehe I was jst thinking the same thing! Hehe I love it when that happens!! Yeah I did.... Mayb it didn't send after all! Ahha