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Jul 9, 2013 11:13am
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i really want to lose some weight
but im 13 and my mom always makes dinner and lunch.
the food she makes isnt really healthy and she Buys junk food often.
i dont know what to say to her,
if i tell her i want to eat healthier she will think im anorexic or something.
09 Jul
Just tell her that you don't want those sort of foods! I'm sure she'll understand that you don't wanna fall prey to fattening food!
09 Jul
Being tactful without being emotional is tough when talking to a parent especially when it comes to eating healthy. I know it's tough but at the end of the day, emotional support is necessary too.
13 Nov
My parents are the same. Try asking her to start with small changes like '7Up free' instead of '7Up' and gradually try to make bigger changes. :)