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Jul 20, 2013 3:33pm
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Oh ok I was on youtube and I was listening to music and I came across p90x now my question is what is p90x? I have never heard of it I'm kinda aware of it

Thank you!

20 Jul
I did p90x for the three month program. All p90x is, it's a workout program kinda like insanity except it's more for muscle toning and muscle gaining. It comes with 12 different disks seperated out into 3 different workout routines ex: disk 1. Chest shoulders and triceps. Disk 2. Plyometrics. Disk 3. Back and biceps. That would be done for the first month. It's Very very over priced. But does show good results if you can stick to it. I recomend just looking up the routines instead of paying the 300+$ on all the equipment.
20 Jul
Thank you I was looking and it did say about 300 dollars I was like that is really crazy til u told me what was in it but I met or do a search for the routines like u said I do home workouts :)
20 Jul
Well then this is right up your ally. If you're looking for more of a conditioning program taje a look at insanity. Both are sponsored by the beach body network