So whats better?

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Aug 17, 2013 2:14am
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Ok so when your working out you have some goals in mind. When I started out I wanted to put on size and mass get some mpre weight no me so I started lifting heavy and a whole lot more protein but I also wanted a six back so I was told to do more cardio and eat more salads so I bought some fat burners and stuff like that now im hearing its better to put on all the mass akd weight first! Then shred down to a six back! Can I get some help lol

17 Aug
Do you still want to gain mass? Or tone?
17 Aug
Id like to tone up im at 185 right now and feel im closer to a six pack then putting on mass
17 Aug
I would say cardio and more reps with the exercises. You dont need to put more mass on, but you do need to keep muscle. Therefore healthy eating with smalker meals and healthy snacks. Protein shakes if you drink them after you work out. Plan two or three cheat meals a week, but prepare your healthy foods so you eat them accordingly.
17 Aug
As far as exercises, you can do circuit training or crossfit. You can strength train but just do more reps less weight. But always do some cardio.
17 Aug
10/4 and on top of that my gym partner has a different goal in mind hes trying to bulk up and hit 200 pounds so it does get confusing when I do his workout with him lol