Borderline ED :(

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Aug 24, 2013 3:22am
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I have always had issues with bingeing, and starving myself in rotation basically...I've been working out and eating decently healthy. Slowly losing a couple of pounds. My problem is that I'm addicted to the weight loss and I start feeling really guilty every time I eat ANYTHING :/ like I'm going to lose progress. Has anyone else here went thru this?
24 Aug
I'm eating big meals evry 3hrs, I have lost 60 lbs total... I wrkout 5x wk..Just eat and ur metabolism will increase.
24 Aug
Don't worry if ur eating..Just know that u have to work out harder the next day..:-):-):-)
24 Aug
Thank you :) it's not that I'm eating a large amount. I'm bothered by eating. At all. It's really hard to make myself eat full meals everyday, but I have 2 kids and if I don't eat I would have no energy to take care of them. That's literally the reason I eat.
24 Aug
I know the feeling.. years ago when I was a teenager.. I was messing with my mind.. I counted all my calories.. So stop it please.. You only get mad at yourself. For what.. Living?! I'm already proud of you that you eat to be a good example for you children!! Keep that in mind, it helps you get throughs.. And for yourself.. When you don't eat you will never get the dream figure you hoping for.. i def know that you prefer some muscle over bones. Come on girl, you can do this! You're not alone!!
24 Aug
I go through the same thing I either eat very very little for awhile or eat anything for awhile and beat myself up the entire time. I was forced to stop counting my calories about a month ago but I kinda started again. Its a horrible roller coaster ride and it isn't your fault. I know exactly how bad food can make you feel and I know it makes me think horribly about myself at times I go through it mostly every day thinking about everything that I eat. Just know you aren't the only one, you aren't crazy, and...