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Sep 1, 2013 7:55am
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Im 36 years old and in bad shape. I weigh 325lbs. I get winded and pain in my knees and ankles after walking for only 5 to 10 minutes. I was going to the gym for awhile but stopped due to differences with my workout partner and never went back. I need help from people that understand I need a slow start.
I want to lose weight and be able to walk/run again for longer than five minutes.

01 Sep
Swimming may be a great choice for u. Its a great full body workout and is fun! Why not start again this labor day!? Take the family to the lake and have a great start to new lifestyle? Have a picnic with healthy choices like fruits and veggies.
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Sep 1, 2013 8:19am
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Start with healthy food choices and walking for long distances:) always push your self but not too can do it, you will be fit and happy about yourself with hard work! You will accomplish this and amazing results in very little time in the mighty name of Jesus! Supernatural weight loss by the power of the holy spirit!

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Sep 1, 2013 8:48am
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Hey Paul, don't get discouraged its not easy to get in there and try to get yourself physically fit, if it was 50% of Americans wouldn't be obese. First things first get back into the gym. Working out with a partner is great motivation but sometimes it's a burden. Just know that you need to push yourself and set goals. Now as far as you not being able to walk far without hurting its your body not being able to compensate for your weight and to help that what you should do is more low impact exercises(riding a bicycle, stair stepper, elliptical) those types of things. Still walk as far as you can till it start to be uncomfortable but also do the other exercises. They will help to build your muscles up without hurtin as much. Also start a weight routine. I suggest doing 3-5 days a week with 1-2 body parts a day(example: Monday chest and back and cardio machines
Tuesday cardio machines and core workouts
Wednesday shoulders biceps and triceps cardio machines
Thursday Cardio and core workouts
Friday legs and cardio machines 
Start slow and build yourself up. Start eating healthy(4-6 small meals a day) and drinking more water.  Keep the work up and keep making goals for yourself. This will work If you follow my instructions. Keep me updated and ask if you have questions to me or anyone. Also involve friends and family with your goals and workouts to help keep motivation high.  You can do it
01 Sep
Paul, J.S Has Given You The Best Advise That You Will Get From Anyone. The Key That Has Been Used Is MOTIVATION. You Need To Set Yourself Some Goals To Keep Motivated. DON'T Give Up Because That Is Easy :)