Need help with losing fat

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Sep 2, 2013 7:00pm
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What type of workouts do you do to lose belly fat and all over body fat?
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Sep 2, 2013 7:37pm
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Just cardio, nothing more. You can't target body parts when it comes to losing weight and burning fat. You just need to move your body to get your blood pumping.

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You might have a hard time with one or two of the exercises. Just skip those for now. Do this every day for two weeks and then see if you want to change anything about it. Long term, you want to have longer workouts fewer times per week. But if you are just starting out, it is very difficult to do those 30-minute workouts; you might be out of breath too soon.

If you have a nice place to walk or jog around your house, by all means, do. Biking is also really good cardio.

You also might want to do some stretching to loosen up your joints. It will make you more nimble so you can better do the more energetic moves.
02 Sep
What type of workouts are cardio other than running
02 Sep
That would be any exercise that raises your heart rate without necessarily working your muscles. Jumping jacks are a good example. Something that quickens your pulse. Biking is the best because it is zero impact, you don't need to force but you are constantly moving part of your body, so you are pumping blood.
02 Sep
Wall push-ups are good, too, but of you want to start really slow with no impact on joints without even leaving the house, you could try circular movements of arms and legs. For example, you can just lie on your side, propping up your head with your lower arm, letting your upper arm rest on your body, lifting your upper leg and making circles with it in the air. Do this on both sides. When you start having to catch your breath, you know it is working. For cardio to be efficient at burning fat, you have to do it...
02 Sep
If you like, you can also do laps swimming, it is a good way to start out. It is zero impact and your body feels lighter in water, so you can concentrate on moving your body rather than on lifting your weight. But remember, you have to swim fast enough to raise your heart rate.

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