Inches/Weight/Patience! :)

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Sep 11, 2013 10:24pm
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So it's been 7 days that I've religiously worked out every morning for an hour if not more and exercising through out the day... jumping jacks..wall push ups...a few squats here and there... I know its going to take time to drop lbs.... was just wondering if its common to loose inches first... because I do believe I am....all the while building muscle... is that the reason I'm not seeing a cpl lbs dropped yet? Is that the way it works? I do eat a better diet and watch my calorie intake... I'm sorry I'm clueless about this right :•}

11 Sep
If you really concious about shedding few lbs then it's better to go slow on the body toning and muscle building exercises. Instead try cardio or swimming with a diet control. You can always tone up after reaching your desired weight. It has worked for me. So try it.. :)
11 Sep
Thank you Kevin ... I do cardio every morning. Maybe I need to add more... and I will !! :-)
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Sep 12, 2013 4:40am
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Muscle weights more than fat so don't track your progress with the scale. Track your progress by taking measurements of your waist, arms and thighs.. 
12 Sep
Thank you.... I just took measurements yesterday....will measure again in a week or so... :)
13 Sep