Should I lose weight for boxing? :/

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Oct 1, 2013 1:51am
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So I used to be really chubby as a kid and I worked most of it off and grew into it around 8th grade, then I toned up freshman year. I'm 16 years old about 5"6 tall now and I just started boxing, and my coach wants me to lose some weight. I'm 132 and he wants me around 116 to 126. I think this is a bit on the anorexic side, but what do you think?

01 Oct
Lol no offense but if you don't want to lose weight for martial arts then you picked the wrong sport XD I'm a mixed martial artist and trust me bro there's a reason for coach saying that and its better for you to be fighting in lighter weight class first
01 Oct
Depends in what category do you want to fight in?? But I think its better to gain weight by gaining muscle in a martial arts, I'm telling you based on my experience. I'm a black belt in taekwondo and I love sparring!! I think you should workout and gain weight by muscles than you would be an awesome fighter.
01 Oct
Roob.. would you not agree though that It's easier to fight someone who weighs less compared to someone who weighs more ?
01 Oct
To tell you the truth, I love to fight with people whom are heavier than me, because the are slow but its best to be the lightest in your category. You can bully the fat people
03 Oct
And it's more attractive if u weight more but have muscles than being a skinny noodle..