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Oct 6, 2013 1:17pm
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Tell me your daily diet plan

06 Oct
-bfast,eggs with Turkey bacon &berries. Or oatmeal with berries. Switch it up so i dont get bored.sometimes a fruit smoothie with almond milk for the liquid. Snack on nuts/almonds or peanut butter with apples,or a fruit smoothie. &veggie salad with protein(fish &or chicken) for lunch &dinner. That's it! drink water ALL day!
06 Oct
Ill treat myself to my favorite dessert and meal depending on how i feel
06 Oct
Hmm not really a strict diet plan.. just nothing oily and greasy plus no junk food. . I have a heavy protein shake ( whey protein, egg, or fruit mixed) as a meal replacement either as breakfast or dinner. Two meals and healthy snacks in between. And I workout in the evening with mild running in the morning on an empty stomach.
07 Oct
I want to become it like Candice swanpole!
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Oct 6, 2013 8:11pm
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Unfortunately I can't really have a diet plan due to my parents controlling what I eat by what meals they cook, but I count calories and try to avoid snacking:-)
07 Oct
I tried counting calories through myfitness pal app. But I'm not satisfied, I doubted the app, I thought it's not reliable. But I guess there's no wrong in it so I'm trying to get the routine back.
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Oct 6, 2013 9:09pm
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I'm doing a low carb diet so ...
- Monday: chicken 400g before I workout and 200g before each of my workouts
 -Tuesday: same thing but instead of last meal of chicken I have sirloin steak 
 -Wednesday: chicken 250g before I workout and 300g after I workout and then after my second workout I have like 4-6 egg whites with one egg yolk
  -Thursday: salmon 250g before I workout and 350g of beef after my workout
  -Friday: 60% what I desire to eat
  -Saturday: 300g fish before I workout and 300g after I workout and after my second workout I have 150g of fish 
  -Sunday: 150gsteak after I workout and 300g after my second workout.
        Note: I workout 2-3 times a day and I had lost 4% body fat in the last 2 weeks 
07 Oct
That's cool. Do you pair these meals with rice or mushed potatoes?
07 Oct
No I do not cause this is a low carb diet but if u want u can add any side dish

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