Anyone has tried Oxyelite pro?

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Oct 10, 2013 5:43am
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Is there anyone who has tried oxyelite pro? What does it do and how effective is it when you combine it with proper diet and some work outs?
10 Oct
Thank you, John. That's what Ive been trying to do, to eat healthy. Been on Oxyelite for 2 weeks now and so far Ive lost abt 8 lbs combining it with dieting and little workouts. You're right, there are times that I'll feel so tired when the pill wears off. I wish I can already do intense workouts to speed up weight loss but I still cant. :c
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Oct 10, 2013 9:53pm
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Hello Jhen, congrats on your 8 pound decrease but i will have to say that i doubt its the OxyElite Pro. Do to your diet and eating healthy, you tend to have less water retention. Back to the topic, Oxyelite Pro is not the same as it use to be before, currently it is weak with less promising result as before. Gd luck on your diet and continue exercising, you will be losing pounds.
11 Oct
Hello Rafi. Yeah, I've read some forums abt oxyelite that there are two versions. From what Ive read, the new formula is not as effective as the old version. Oxyelite has supressed my appetite and is making me sweat more than usual when I do even casual workouts. However, there are days that I would get really tired and sleepy after popping a pill instead of having a boost of energy.