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Nov 3, 2013 3:25am
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Hey all, I've been using myfitnesspal to log my food and workouts.

I've usually just been logging my Skimble workouts as "aerobics, low impact" or maybe "moderate" if I felt really worked for most of it. I will often enter less time than the workout actually was, cuz I'm almost never pushing to the last second of each exercise.

I just discovered that there is a "calisthenics" entry on myfitnesspal, which may have very similar numbers for all I know, but sounds more accurate for a lot of what I've been doing...

Anybody use myfitnesspal? How do you log your Skimble exercise?

I recently read on a myfitnesspal forum that the calories burned shouldn't be taken too seriously and not to eat back those calories if you can help it. I already have my weekly weight loss goal set higher than I really want, to try to account for things like that.

Thoughts? Info? Ideas?

03 Nov
I use circuit training for logging these exercises. I think calisthenics or circuit training works. The cal amount seems the same logging under either. But they are off from what the workout says I burned.
04 Nov
04 Nov
Yeah I put skimble as curcuit training also. Not sure if mfp is right on cals either for all exercises though.
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Nov 4, 2013 4:50am
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I use my fitness pal as well. Add me at basshunter1234 :)
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Jan 14, 2014 1:28pm
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I would like your advice:) if u could send me a msg on mfp I'd appreciate it! Mmelton26