How to boost metabolism?

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Dec 2, 2013 5:06am
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Cardio helps a lot, and a healthy diet. But is there anything else to help metabolism speed up? It would be a lot easier to gain muscle with strength training if I didn't have so much cardio to do.
I think it may be genetics. Because my family has a lot of thyroid problems. I have considered small dosage of T3

So tips on boosting metabolism speed?
03 Dec
The best and better way of increasing your metabolism is by growing muscle.. the more muscle you have the more calories you have to use to get around so that means that your body will have to make more energy faster making your metabolism stronger.. stay away from any supplement your doctor didn't tell you to take... if you have genetic problems consult a doctor and follow his advice for any supplementation...
03 Dec
The only good supplement you can take is a multivitamin..