Help 15 and 250 pounds

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Dec 30, 2013 7:49pm
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What do I do im 250 pounds and 5'10

04 Jan
I started an inspirational fitness page on Facebook. Like & share for tips and quotes
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Dec 30, 2013 8:26pm
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For losing weight, your best choice is cardio. It'll help you lose wight all over ~ you can do an hour of cardio daily, 30mins when you wake up and 30mins before you sleep.
Also my doctor said that going up and down the stairs 10x is like you've walked for an hour. So thats also good. So try doing 1hour of cardio everday, and stairs 10x daily also.
As for food. The best thing to do is, pick your favorite bowl, make sure it isnt too big or too small, then for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, eat what ever you want but make sure you measure it in that bowl only. Trust me that'll definitely help.
Try that routine for a month, see if you like it or if you feel a difference, if youdo then continue and try increasing the workouts weekly. Hope this helps, good luck, and never give up !

30 Dec
Thank you ill try all of that
30 Dec
No problem :) glad to br of help~
31 Dec
everything u said is good except the bowl avoid unhealthy food that is 50% of getting healthy if you dont eat right your not going to look good work hard everyday may once every other week get a little bit of what u want but i would avoid that to eat healthy work hard believe in yourself you got it even people in shape still usually work hard ive lost 30 pounds from 160 130 in less than three months im 5,6 pretty much 5,7 and 130 its all bought hard work
31 Dec
Eating healthy just as important as working out. Try include food that's high in fibre to speed up you metabolism Food that high in fibre oats, barley and rye fruit, such as bananas and apples root vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes golden linseeds wholemeal bread bran cereals nuts and seeds Eating foods that are high in fibre will help you feel fuller for longer.