Advice on calorie counting?

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Jan 26, 2014 4:01am
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I started working out to try and get back in shape (after having a baby) about a month and a half ago, however I also started calorie counting about two weeks ago to help get the weight off faster. I feel like I have seen slightly better results since I began calorie counting, but lately I've had many of my friends tell me it's either unhealthy, pointless, or counter productive. Does anyone have any advice on whether or not it's beneficial or any tips about it?
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Jan 26, 2014 4:15am
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I believe that to achieve a goal you need to monitor progress. Loosing weight or getting in better shape involves calorie intake (through food) and output (through exercise). If you know what your intake is, you can match the exercise to make sure you stay on track. The point here is that most people hugely underestimate how many calories they are eating and don't understand why they can't loose weight or even keep  gaining weight when they exercise regularly. It's a simple math - if you eat more than you burn - you will keep gaining! If you don't know how many calories you eat, how can you know if your workouts are getting you anywhere? I use an android app "Loose it" to count my calories. It has a bar code scanner, which makes counting easier :)

26 Jan
That's the app I've been using! Glad to hear it recommended! Thank you
26 Jan
I like using my fitness pal. It also has a bar code scanner and it's super easy yo use. I like that it keeps track of your carbs, fat, and protein :-) it keeps me on track
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Jan 26, 2014 10:15am
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Calorie counting is a fool proof way to loose weight! You can't go wrong! The people that are giving negative adviceً Are the ones that never tried it.. Trust me it works.