Any tips on rapid weight losd

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Mar 6, 2014 1:06am
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I want to loose 20 lbs by April 15th

06 Mar
Be careful be active !! hakuna mata ta !! he he
07 Mar
*lose. ...and I would suggest a balanced diet with tons of veggies and water, calories monitored strictly with myfitnesspal. Don't log your workout calories cuz it can way overestimate your burn and you'll eat it all back. If you exercise more than an hour in a day maybe log half cuz you have to eat to live, but otherwise don't bother. Your weight loss is usually going to be most strongly affected by your eating habits. Cut all liquid calories like juice and sugared coffee. Veggies veggies veggies. Snacks, appetizers, meals, load up on veggies.
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Mar 7, 2014 5:17am
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Eat healthy and workout to the best u can go all out give it 100 every workout

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Apr 14, 2014 2:14am

How did you do?