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Mar 6, 2014 1:35am
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Evening I am wanting to lose 35lbs by the end of august!
I can do it!
I need help with a routine for the gym
I was thinking
Monday Cardio
Tuesday arms
Wednesday cardio/boxing
Thursday legs
Friday/Saturday cardio
But I don't know what to do??

Also what foods is good to have on a strict diet :)

06 Mar
I'm also trying to lose weight! I wanna lose 20 by august! I got the food down but workin on a better workout routine! Cause I've plateaued I lost 10 lbs but got stuck 5 weeks ago n it won't budge ugh! So if you come up with routines that work well maybe let me know:)
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Mar 6, 2014 6:31pm
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Looks like a good start.  I like to do abs with cardio, so you could add that on those days if you want.  Use the filter feature and on leg days find a leg work out and on arm days find a good arm workout.
Here are some of my favorites(I've recently gotten into the Spartan and Wolverine workouts--- search them on this app)
Spartan Workout
S.uper H.igh I.nterval T.raining
Speed 1.0
Dedicated to MuscleDumbbell Hell 2 (VD22)
Beast Chest/Tri