What's your motivation?

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Mar 24, 2014 9:18pm
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When my love and I met 6 years ago, I was so skinny. I now have two kids with him, a son and a recent daughter. I gained 80 pounds with my son, and none with my daughter but I still had my son's baby weight. My mother had issues with her weight, and that put pressure on me as a kid. So now that I have a daughter, I decided it's time to get up and feel good about my body so she will never have to hear how I hate myself. Also, I want my man to see me as the sexiest woman in the world. After two weeks of working out, he is already impressed and I feel great about that. I'm already a size smaller! I'm almost 25 and can fit in my birthday dress I bought as a gift to myself when I lose some weight. (I have more dresses as well to keep me on track.) These are the things that motivate me. What about you?!

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Mar 28, 2014 2:13pm
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My sister was 20 years old wen she found out she had lupus , she had it for all most a year before she knew it , she all the symptoms and everything so she went to the hospital and they told her if she would've wait one more day she would've die she was in icu for months , she had no kidneys , she loss all her weight it was scare for her and my family. She was doing good she have to take 14 pills every day n had dialysis 3times a week. One day was talkin about get healthy she wanted to do it for son and I wanted to do it for her and me it was hard seein her like ,, she had pass away in I told myself I would do it for her so I'm doin it!! I was 410 now I'm 360 it's so hard but I know she want me to win♡♡

28 Mar
Sorry for your loss. One off my best friends has lupus, she has good days and bad days.
28 Mar

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