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Mar 25, 2014 6:00pm
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Does the workout "Easy Flat Stomach" actually work? It sounds like a stupid question-I know-but I am new here and I dont wanna be doing the same workout (Fat Burner Deluxe) forever!!!

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Mar 25, 2014 6:59pm
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Looks good, has a variety of moves working different angles which is what you want when hitting abs! I just might give it a try now lol

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Mar 26, 2014 12:26am
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Your biggest payoff when it comes to effort vs results comes in how you eat. A couple hours of intense exercise can easily be offset by poor eating habits.

Losing fat comes from burning more calories than you eat. You can achieve this many ways. Most workouts that target your stomach and claim to burn belly fat are just gimmicks. Anything that burns calories, i.e. any intense workout, is good, and ab exercises, while great for health and a crucial part of any program, don't necessarily burn a lot of calories, and definitely don't burn more belly fat than any other exercise of similar intensity.

In other words, mix it up. Get your heart rate up, do muscle building and cardio, do abs and do whole body.

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Mar 31, 2014 8:55pm
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Muscle confusion works different ab workouts every other day try it then reply one more thing you have to dedicate your self stay committed!


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