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Apr 19, 2014 7:55am
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I want to get toned and lose a little weight for the summer( I have up to end of june) especially on my legs and stomach but I dont know what exercises to do or what foods to eat so can somebody help please???

22 Apr
if your trying to lose weight stick to doing full body cardio drink a lot of water try staying away for salt and sugar if u workout 5 days a week give your self a cheat day don't deprive your self from having a snack one in a while most of all check your progress and calorie intake per day
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Apr 22, 2014 4:21am
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You can eat foods like almonds and walnuts (which contain healthy fats and can help with weight loss), all natural peanut butter, use olive oil when you cook..stuff like that

Drink plenty of water too