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Apr 28, 2014 2:10pm
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Does running really melt off the pounds like people say it does?

28 Apr
29 Apr
Running will for sure melt off the pounds if u eat properly and exercise to. I started off with running nearly everyday also eating healthier and doing gym exercise main body weight for the first month and i have seen a great change in my body.. my stomach is flatter which is just what i wanted im going for "toned body" only thing about losing weight is my butt go smaller so if it buggs you that you have a smaller butt (once you get to that point)then when you get to a moderate weight that you want i would...
29 Apr
Thank you so much Jessica G! This was super helpful and informative. I am now considering putting a day of sprints in :-) I am slowly working my to being able to jog/run for 30 minutes. I also really want to lose like 40, pounds. Just needed to know what was effective :) thank you again
29 Apr
No problem :) and good luck on your sprints!! They will help ou out alot if you keep them in your routine. It will also give you indurance and make you a faster jogger. I do not like sprints.. i always wanted to give up in the middle of doing them but you just gotta keep pushing yourself :)