Baby pudge

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Jun 1, 2014 10:13pm
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So I have my 2 year old daughter. I finally lost all the weight I wanted to lose I went from 156 to 119 in 3months but now I want to tone and build muscle mainly my legs butt and abs because I have the pudge..... Any ideas?? And I need a healthier meal plan but don't know where to start -.- feeling stuck
01 Jun
Arms+ass+abs and mummy kicks butt are good workouts for toning
01 Jun
Ok thank you . Just need to get a healthy meal plan I don't eat deep fried or eat out.
02 Jun
First, great job! I'm having so much trouble losing the weight with a two-year-old, so I really admire that you were able to find the time and energy to take the baby weight off! If you like running, I highly recommend it to build up your legs. Yoga is also fantastic for building leg and butt. Look for warrior poses held for several minutes at a time. My problem has been getting the time away from the kids to do it...
02 Jun
Thank you! I just do it at home I put cartoons on or she just tries to do it with me and joins in
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Jun 2, 2014 3:30am
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Cardio will be your best route to tonight the baby fat. Leg exercises always burn the most calories. Meal? Well stick with basics ...veggies for carbs and more veggies...lean meats for protein

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Jun 2, 2014 5:34pm
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What were you eating to lose so much?  I need to drop a few but i am a big foodie.  I love to cook.  I've been getting smaller portions but that is it.

02 Jun
We'll my diet was really bad the first year cause it was so hectic we are out a lot and soda etc.... I literally just cut out all soda I drink half a gallon of water a day and 4 cups of green tea and eat mainly salads with grilled or baked chicken or salmon but I do have cheat days if not I'd go nuts

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