Any advice? From mommys please !!!

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Jun 6, 2014 3:21am
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Hello my name is Alexis. I just had my baby 9 months ago, sadly to say I gain 89lbs with her. All though it was worth it.. It is killing me to see at a young age I look gross in my opinion ! Now I have lost a lot of weight but I have 30 to go but I'd like to lose more than just 30 I wanna be a little bit smaller than what I was. I am just asking for a few pointers because the weight that is left is being stubborn. I just wanted to know what should I do to lose this baby weight and tone up? I just started walking again and trying to eat healthy and if my scale is correct it sys I had lost 4lbs in a week already.. So I just want to know a little more because baby weight is harder to lose and I am new at all this. Also I don't get much time to myself so any body has suggest can you please give me some that last at least 30 minutes no higher than that lol I spoiled her too much so yeah she's always wanting mommy !!! Thank you so much for taking your time out to read this (:

06 Jun
You could do cardio work outs just stay on top girl and you can do it im sure and congrats on your babyy!!
06 Jun
Thank you !! I never tried it before.
06 Jun
I personally drink lots of water! It's Great for u! My goal is a gallon a day since I workout. I cut out: Sugar, anything made with flour, no drinking alcohol or liquor. I eat raw broccoli or spinach, every meal. And I simply love Tabata workouts for burning fat & toning! Hope this helps some
12 Jun
Yea hit cardio like it's your bestfriend
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Jun 6, 2014 4:13am
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I'm no mommy but my advice is to use a different color text that isn't next to impossible to read. :)

06 Jun
To be honest I had twin girls and blew up like a balloon! They get a bit more independent as they grow up, better able to entertain them selves for 20mins at a time. That's my opportunity! If I know they normally sleep till 7am I'm up at 6am having me time. You'll figure it out,
06 Jun
Thanks steph and sorry pat !!
07 Jun
That's ok, Al.
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Jun 6, 2014 8:10pm
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Alexis, congratulations on the new baby.   From the sounds of things you are on the right track.  Just stick with the healthy eating, walking and exercises when you can.  Its a marathon and not a sprint.   I like Tabata and HIIT exercise programs to burn the calories but don't forget to mix in some weight training as well.
Here are some of my favorites
That fit your 30 minute time

The A-Team
Heart Healthy Cardio
Extended Strength
Speed 1.0
Stress Free

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Thank you
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Jun 7, 2014 7:58am
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Hi Alexis. I'm a young mum and have 9 month daughter. I must say I was pretty lucky most of my baby weight just fell off thanks to breastfeeding its the last few pounds that are the hardest too lose. your diet is the most important part of weight loss, my advice would be to make small changes that are easy to stick to like buy low fat milk, leaner cuts of meat, limit sugary and fried foods also learn a few new healthy recipes you enjoy and make them weekly staples. I only workout at home as my daughter is also going through a clingy only want mummy phase. the only equipment I have is a yoga mat and excercise ball, I'd love more but just dont have room for it. I do a tabata workout in the morning while bub naps. In the evening half an hour before bubs bedtime I do a strength workout of 50 reps of 2 different excersise for each area I want to target, for example;
arms - 50 push up & 50 tricep dips
abs - 50 crunches & 50 sit ups
legs/bum - 50 squat & 50 lunges
when I first start I could only do 20 reps and built up to 50.