What to eat for dinner?

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Jun 13, 2014 3:08pm
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What do you eat for dinner? Something simple under 200 calories?
13 Jun
Protien shake. Or a good salad with lots of lettuce and a piece of grilled chicken
13 Jun
Chicken, salad + corn
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Jun 14, 2014 6:22am
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Herbalife diet

My day goes like this,
1) wake up, drink a cup of tea, then 2 oz of aloe water and I make a herbalife protein shake for breakfast
2) within 2-3 hours I eat a 100-300 cal snack
3) about 2-3 hrs after I eat lunch, preferably lean meats or chicken and fish with veggies, fruit and Greek yogurt
4) eat another snack 2 hrs later
5) get home from work and do step 1 for dinner also.

For snacks, I like Clif bars, but fruits are fine also.. also u can eat anything with a label that is within 100-200 cal for women and 100-300 cal for men... Follow my routine and to us be doing good. Ive done this for 1 week and already lost about 6 lbs

Once you get to the weight you desire (healthy weight) you can also buy a protein mix from herbalife called herbalife 24 which helps to build and tone muscles