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Jun 15, 2014 9:28am
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Hello everyone
I've seen that everything that I try to lose weight, I'm trying only for 4 -5 months and then I stop. As a result I'm gaining weight again... Do you know where I can get a really good motivation ...?just whatever helps you..
Tnx a lot

15 Jun
try to workout whit someone, friend or boyfriend. that help me a lot
16 Jun
Hi Maria I sent U a pm
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Jun 15, 2014 9:36am
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Jun 15, 2014 10:40am
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The key to long term fat loss is to find a balance in your life. Something you can do fore the rest of your lift.

This means you can go on a diet or on some exstensive 12 week workout program. Those things got their place, but I don't think that's what you need.

I think you need to find healthy things that you like to eat. Fruits maybe? There are many sweet fruits, nuts and even veggies out there. Find what you like and bring it in your bag and eat it when you get cravings. And if you still got the cravings go ahead and get what you want. If you stay active it won't matter much anyway. 

Try making your own food at home. So you know what goes in there. You can cook some really great stuff really fast and easy (less Then 30 min) at home. Just find a recipie on the internet and modify it to suit your needs.

So don't go on a diet. Just try to make healthier choiches that you still enjoy, and don't feel like you are limiting yourself.

When it comes to excersise. Pick things you like to do. Yes the most uptimal thing to do, is full body weight training combined with hiit cardio May be the best way to get in shape. It's not the only way. You got to find the activities you like to do. And just try to be active in your life. Walk to the store. Help a friend move. Do the garden. Play with the kids. Etc.

And ask yourself are you really happy and do you really feel good when you are inactive and eat crappy food? I know I don't. I feel more energized and my mood is better when I eat healthy and I work out. And I honestly believe that if it doesn't make you feel better, you shouldn't do it!
18 Jun
Hello thank you for that advice the thing is that I already do that but I easily give up