Here is a good app for muscle builders

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Jun 25, 2014 11:32am
via iOS
I am trying to tone and build muscle, not necessarily lose weight. When building muscle the scale can lie and tell you that you are not making progress when in fact you are. This is why i recommend a FREE app called Fit Journey. It allows you to record your weight but also take photos of your body each day so that you can see how your body has developed and changed, even if the scale is saying you haven't.

Again the app is called Fit Journey.

Remember you can't always believe the scale.

26 Jun
I don't seem to find this app in the Android app store
26 Jun
I have it on my ipad it may not be on android :/
26 Jun
Darn it! :( I'll check to see if there's anything similar
26 Jun
Good luck. Hope you find something.
26 Jun
Thanks Sam! Times like this make me miss owning an iPhone