Need Help And Advice On Training And Weight Lost

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Jul 1, 2014 2:02am

I started training about six months ago and so far I lost about 30 lb and gained decent muscle. The thing is I want lo lose more weight and fat but I just hit a horrible wall, where I can't go any more. I have a calory track and food intake app, that I upgrade with my weight, height and progress every two weeks, so usually according to it I try to have a 500 calorie a day deficit (some days more). I eat good, lean protein and vegetables (I am a chef so I know what I can work and unlimited resources). For the most part I try to train 3 to 4 times a week, depending on my week schedule, usually train with my soccer team twice a week, then a late night sunday game, and the other days a mix of body weight work out (about an hour or so). Part of my jnob is demanding and is a big building so I go up and down three floors 6 hrs a day and help at the brewery (other oart of the job) so is very physical demanding (150 lb beer kegs not easy to move) and yes I rarely drink. So Any advice on what I can improve to be more fit?