47.5% muscle 28% body fat

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Jul 8, 2014 5:56am
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I have a high muscle mass but also quite a high body fat percentage. I carry most of that body fat in my stomach. Is there any particular workouts I should be doing to deplete that area. Or is it all diet?

12 Jul
It's really all going to be diet until you have a lower body fat percentage even if you have abs you'll never really even see them
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Jul 8, 2014 7:03am
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Hey Nicole. As much as i wish you could, you cannot target areas of the body, it just does not work that way. Do crunches to sustain the muscle that you have but the only way to get rid of belly fat is to do cardio exercises and just wait for the fat from your stomach to be used up. It will go, but it will be last to go.