I need fit mom advice, asap.

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Jul 12, 2014 7:02am
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Hey! I'm twenty-four. I have two kids. A 5 and 3 year old. They were both very large babies. I had gestational diabetes. Ended up gaining over 100lbs. Had them both by horizontal c-section. I was 272lbs the day I delivered my last baby. He came out and I was 250ish that and then gradually slimmed down to the 230's. Mind you my son is now three. My weight has fluctuated between the high 230's to the low 220's. The lie I told myself was "don't start worrying till he's three then you have no excuse ;)"

Totally ridiculous. Now, my last doctor's appointment had me at 230.6lbs. I'm 5'9". I saw those numbers and it was just time. That was a little over two weeks ago and that day on I've been in beast mode. It's coming off, I'm getting toned, I'm gonna be one of those mom's I envy and admire with their flat tummies and toned arms.

The point in all of that is I need to know how hard is it to achieve that? How long does it generally take? Are there products to help aide what I'm trying to achieve?

My gut is large, it sags, I have sagging skin where strong abdominals used to be, the bottom of my tummy is kinda shaped like a butt, the muffin top is there. I'm a tall thin gangly girl naturally but after the pregnancies I look like a pear with long stick legs.

With hard work and dedication can this snap back without having surgery?

12 Jul
Look into gel-v.com their product is amazing! I bought three bottles already since im trying to get rid of my stretch marks but it can help you!
12 Jul
Hi i'm a mum of 1. I told myself I didn't need to worry as I always had a high metabolism but now my kid is 15 it seems my metabolism has run away so I symptoms with what ur going through. It does take time. I don't know about what weight loss products are good but I do know that even the best ones only work if u work hard. There are no short cuts that don't result in you gaining weight quickly when u stop unless u eat properly and exercise a lot. I have been using skimble...
24 Jul
Hey, I was actually looking for someone to be a sort of workout buddy on here. I am a mom of two as well. I gained 80 lbs with my first and 70 with my second. Believe it or not I dropped that 80 plus 5 more with the first one in five months, not breastfeeding. Now that I've had my second I am more preoccupied now but I'm working on it. I have 36 more lbs to lose and I want to get even more fit than ever after that. We can try and keep each other accountable if...
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Jul 12, 2014 4:03pm
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All I want to say is I commend you for acknowledging your problem and wanting to do something about it, it takes will power. Of know too because my mom and both of my grandmas were(still are obese) my mother has done a great job with Jenny Craig. But it is EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!! I make sure ilet my mother rest then really power her workouts. Try finding a workout buddy, it can help greatly
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Jul 24, 2014 8:10pm
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Hey! I am mom of twins,also c-section 2years ago.i was overweight,maybe already in obese category,i should check it out.but it is the moment i dont want to remember anymore.it became very hard for me to keep all this on me,i couldn t go by stairs,i was out of breath,my heart was jumping out of my mouth. 
So i really really decided to drop it off forever.i am on a good way,lost already a lot and have to lose more.now i am in normal category.
Till now it took me 6month of hard work and very strict diet.and i wouldn t say it was very expensive.
First of all i started to walk-just everywhere whole the day.i was driving only on weekends to shopping mall or to the seaside with children.but during the working weak i was walkin,walking,walking....those were first 3mont because i could not imagine i could do something more than walk.too hard for me.after that i started light jogging and after running.i enjoyed also workouts here i. Skimble and nike workouts,went to the swimming pool with children.and it worked,everything i did gave me results.
About diet-first i tried to limit some foods,after i started to count calories,it was about 1400-1600 for me a day.and now i am watching exact amounts of protein,carbs and fats to balance my food.
All i want to say-it is possible to do without extra budget,i wanted to prove it because i was kind of thinking about surgery but before i gave myself time to try without.ok,my results are not brilliant,i still have stomach but everything else is ok,even my boobs are becoming better and better.i believe my rest of muffintop will disapear in next months,i give myself another half year.
Good luck and believe in yourself!