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Jul 21, 2014 4:01pm
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I stay below my calories but I dont see a change In my wight I do feel a difference in my energy level. I go for walks everyday weather permitting. Just wondering if other people are going through the same?

21 Jul
How many calories are you taking in a day?
22 Jul
Im on my fitness pal it says I sould be taking in 1920 of calories. Im taking in like 1400 calories.
25 Jul
I'm on fitnesspal also. I sat at 1900 for years ( not consistent with my recordings though) . Then I revise my profile. After I changed to a more sedentary lifestyle the calorie goal went down. I started loosing weight when I consistently got under the goal. Check into changing your goal down to challenge your 1400 intact. It will remind you that under 1200 is not healthy. Good luck and Good Health.