Cardio or Weight loss?

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Aug 13, 2014 9:22pm
via Android

I want get to a six pack but there are layers of fat straight up and I don't know which workout I should do between "Weight loss" and "Cardio". What is the difference?? And which workout will burn fat more in the stomach area??

14 Aug
Weight loss is the result of cardio workouts and good eating so not sure what you mean by weight loss workouts.
14 Aug
What i mean is when I open the app I click workout->browse and there are selections to which workout you want to do. Within those selections there is Weight loss and Cardio and I don't know which one to use...I know that cardio results to weight loss but why is it separated? Is the other one better than the other?
14 Aug
If your goal is weight loss then cardio! not sure why there's that separation between the two but I'm sure they have the same workouts in both categories.
14 Aug
Yeah you're right thank you for the help!!!