Who wanna lose weight easly

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Aug 16, 2014 12:53pm
via Android

Such a good pieces of advice, thank you man

16 Aug
You're more than welcome dear. I wanna add something since you're intrested in this topic. Every 3 or 4 hours shouldn't pass without a snack of vegetable or fruit. Why is that? Because your body is so smart . When you don't feed it for more than 5 hours , it decreases the fat burning rate to keep you alive the for most possible time. So you do this trick and your body won't decrease the fat burning rate.
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Aug 16, 2014 2:11pm
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This is all fairly bad advice.  If you follow any of this you will have little to no success
16 Aug
Sounds like witchcraft to me
16 Aug
Yeah. I am amazed that someone with the magic pill for weight loss would give it away free here instead of making an investment and selling this to get rich.
16 Aug
He must be one helluva good Samaritan
16 Aug
Actually I've followed this and I lost weight. All of the herbs I've mentioned are famously known as natural fat burners . So , what you said is not gonna change the chemical reaction in people's bodies that happens when they take these herbs. You know it's good to have a different point of view , put this point of view should be built on knowledge and experience. I see only none of both in your comment. By the way everything that your body needs is available in the alternative medicine. You choose the easy harmful way to take pills...
16 Aug
Being loud and wrong doesn't make you right.

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