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Aug 29, 2014 10:58am
via Android

Hey:) i'm 15 years and i workout 7days a week. I need to lose 15kgs.. within a year. I need help..

29 Aug
Hey hydrate meaning water and low sugar electrolyte drinks fruits vegetables and protien watch the sodium and cholesterol level then try to get youreself an activity monitor so u can see youre progress walk then walk faster slow jog all the way to running at least 4 tines a week
29 Aug
Hello, I am also needing to lose about 30 pounds. Maybe we can help each other. If u r working out 7 days a week that's awesome. When do u rest? Your body need rest. What r u eating?
29 Aug
Heyy yes i'd be pleased Linda .. u are right about that.. so 6days is okay maybe ? First .. we can talk on facebook or whatsapp.. or maybe ur email :) we can motivate each other Thank you:)