Trying to lose weight. I might be doingit wrong. Help!

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Sep 2, 2014 11:14pm
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I'm 150-155lbs, not sure cuz I don't like weighing myself. I'm 5'7. Will I still be able to lose 15-20 lbs?

I lift heavy. I eat less. More protein. I know I'm not very consistent. I'm trying to.

I've been at it for a year but I'm still at this weight range. :( I'm getting frustrated. Am I not doing it right? I only look a little bit leaner when I workout, but if I stop for a week, cause of work or vacation, it feels like I gained back everything I lost in a month. :( help!

02 Sep
Try to fit in some cardio workouts
03 Sep
Henry has a good suggestion and when you say "eat less" what do you mean specifically? Adding 15-20 minutes of cardio could make a world of difference
03 Sep
As a female, our dietary needs are a little different than men's. Try a paleo diet which is not about calories it's about eating good food. You may also find some relief from weight bounce back if you take a look at eating foods lower in histamine. This is another part of female vs male diet. Foods higher in histamine also tend to cause us a lot of bloating (ugh)! You know, like when you lose that stubborn 10 lbs for vacation, only to have all your clothes be embarrassingly tight. That bloating and gas is often part of a...
03 Sep
Thanks guys. Yeah, I do cardio. 20-30 minutes as part of my workout routine. Usually before lifting. Idk about that histamine thing lol, but I'll surely check that out. I hate that when its that time of the month. I bloat like shit lmao, and I feel like I gained everything back. !_!
03 Sep
Try to drink less soda. And u dont have to eat less just avoid junk food, fats, red meat etc. Also do more than just cardio. Basics like push ups and crunches can help 2
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Sep 3, 2014 10:50am
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Instead of normal cardio, try some HIIT i created a HIIT workout here on skimble, it may help ya. It lasts like 30 minutes or so.


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