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Oct 1, 2014 1:48pm
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I did crunches ( basic, side to side,vertical,and 2 more) , leg raises of 30 each yesterday. While doing the workout I felt pain in my core but not much but today my core is paining more than yesterday.

01 Oct
Yeah your suppose to feel pain. It's the only way to make your muscle grow. When working out a muscle you are actually tearing muscle fiber. It heals it grows you become stronger.
01 Oct
So it's good pain, right??
02 Oct
Pain or soreness? You should not feel pain with any exercise because that typically means we're doing something wrong but some soreness the next day is normal until our body adjusts to working out
02 Oct
Yeah for me it's a good pain. To reach muscle failure and push past it equals pain. If the next 2 days it hurts to sneeze or cough after ab day I have accomplished my goal.
02 Oct
Okay jovon! Soreness... Anthony! But today I don't feel the soreness.