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Oct 2, 2014 4:42am
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I've been keeping my weight at 116.5 then I did a few weeks of weight lifting and ignored my nutrition and now I'm 126.5 but my arms are 1/3 bigger muscle wise and my body is generally better defined.

so where is the weight coming from fat or muscles

any advice nutrition wise I have dietary restrictions as it is
-no gluten
-no dairy
-no fat
-nothing that causes gas like broccoli and some veggies

if someone could help me come up with daily meals or something I'd be very appreciative

02 Oct
Speaking to your body composition and the weight you say you've gained, I would be inclined to believe a majority of that weight would be muscle. If you didn't pay attention to nutrition at all then you probably did gain some fat, but not an amount that would be worrisome; in my opinion the opposite. At 116, you may have needed to gain a little weight for your health. But don't stress about your "numbers" as much as the way you feel physically as well as the way you feel about yourself.
02 Oct
I have a really good meal plan if you want it.
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Oct 2, 2014 4:33pm
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Well, now that you have more muscle mass, you can lose fat faster.