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Oct 5, 2014 9:11pm
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I was never too strict on my diet, just watching calories to keep a deficit. (Yeah yeah I know it's not the most effective way but it's working for me. Baby steps.) This weekend I realllllly lost control. Went out for ice cream last night and a brunch buffet this morning.

What should I do to make up for this weekend? Should I eat nothing for the next few days? Something else? Nothing?

05 Oct
Get back to normal and let the weekend go. Nothing to make up for and no need to beat yourself up.
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Oct 5, 2014 9:29pm

You had a blow out, happens to best of us or me anyway now and again, I see it as good for the mind.

As Anthony said...don't beat yourself up about it, you will stress yourself out!  Move on and keep on track with your deficit.  The worst thing you can do its starve yourself as your body will start storing as much fat as it can (Starvation mode) even though you have a defiect!

Eat smaller meals/snacks regulary every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism running.