1200 calories a day, healthy or not?

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Oct 16, 2014 12:43am
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Im thinking about reducing my calorie intake to 1200 from 1600 calories a day. Im planning on staying there for a few weeks then going up for like a week and going back down to 1200 calories a day. I planning on julting my diet so that I do not hit a plateu. Is that a good plan? I weigh 241lbs and im trying to lose about 90lbs. Im not trying to lose it extremely fast, I mean I dont want to gain it all back. But I dont want to lose the 0.5lb a week that im losing now. I think that that is just to slow. Any suggestions?

16 Oct
Removing 500 calories from your diet, generally results in about a pound or two of weight loss per week...add exercise and it can be even more. Be careful dropping too low on calories, make sure you are still properly fueling or you may be doing more bad than good
16 Oct
Thank you Megan.
16 Oct
Nothing more to add to what Megan said. That's just too much at one time and you'll set yourself up for disappointment and frustration
16 Oct
Thank you guys. I guess id better stick to my 1600 to 1800 calories a day then. Its slow but surely, no? Ill wait and see what happens after a month or so.
16 Oct
no matter how many calories you get and how fast/slow you lose weight you will probably hit a plateau anyway. The trick is to continue and not lose hope. Sometimes you might not lose any weight for even weeks, but sooner or later you will be successful if you try. Good luck :)