How to maintain after losing a lot of weight?

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Nov 3, 2014 5:09am
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Okay so, I've actually used this app a lot and lost a lot of weight from exercising and diet. I went from 138 to 118 but now I'm at 132 because trying to maintain under 120 drove me crazy and i didnt know how to eat normally. (But I lost almost 5% of body fat. Which is what I want to do again and land at 125.) Anyways, I noticed that I'm "stuck" at 130 again. The first time, I had to go on atkins/exteme low carb for almost 3 months to go down to 125 and under. Except that is an exteme diet.

Right now I can lightly watch my calorie intake and still overeat at days and maintain 130-135 leisurely. (all my clothes still fit from my 120 days, that's the scary part lol)

But I was wondering if there was anyone who was able to drop down to their ideal weight and maintain it with a normal diet (ie eating healthy, not using a fad like atkins or something) Did you have to start building muscle to do it, like lift heavy and overeat? I still want to burn more fat (hence still want to lose weight) so I become fit (not skinny... i have a lot of flabby fat that's annoying me)

I'm considering going on atkins again just to cut back the fat and regain, since it worked pretty okay the first time around.

Also at my heaviest (earlier in life) I was at 150. So i guess it's pretty amazing I'm maintaining at 130 to begin with haha.
03 Nov
hey, r u lifting any weights?
03 Nov
Exercise until it hurts. Extreme abs got me out of the 130's but not by much.
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Nov 3, 2014 7:58am
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Just eat healthy and stick to it for a long time , count calories and workout every day till you sweat
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Nov 7, 2014 4:53pm
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Hi guys! 

Okay so just update, I think I figured out why I wasn't budging for a couple of weeks (gained to 135 and now falling to 131):

1) started birth control recently, so I bloated like crazy! Now it's sort of subsiding, but my stomach held a lot of water (lower gut) and I was so dehydrated.

2) changed up my 40 mins cardio to 15-30 mins of sprint/intervals... Which for some reason helped? Or could be coincidental.

3) water pills I had been taking might've had a negative effect on my water retention? I notice I have a LOT of fluid retention because my entire gut section is jiggly and can gain/lose inches in hours. 

Anyways, my workout schedule is:
MWF: 30 mins interval sprinting, 15 mins arm workout with bands, 20 mins squat/deadlift/buttlift with bar (40 lb because I couldnt get my posture right when I was trying to lift heavier)

TThSa: 15 mins interval sprinting, 15 min ab/core training, 15 min toning with resistance bands. Idk what else to call it. But these are usually light days.

Sunday: used to do kickbox cardio for 30 mins, but now i'm probably gonna sprint for 30 mins.

eating schedule: Intermittent fasting, snack at around 12-2pm, eat at 4pm-6pm but I usually stop eating around 8-10pm. Caloric intake can  be around 1000-1500 weekdays and even 2000+ on a weekend. I eat 60g-80g carbs on a daily basis but can be 150g to 200g on a weekend.

Has anyone had luck lowering subcutaneous fat on their belly? I dont think I have that much of visceral fat. Just a lottttt of jiggly fat.
08 Nov
Add more an/core training to strengthen the muscles underneath and eat clean
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Nov 8, 2014 12:29am
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I've lost 25lbs in 3 months and I haven't gained anything back. To maintain weight loss make lifestyle changes. Diets will 99% of the time take the weight off quick but once you stop the diet you'll gain it all back. Make healthy changes to your life and eating habits. Stick with them. Use a calorie counter until you can do the math in your head.